Sunday, October 25, 2020
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The Moses by Michelangelo in the "San Pietro in vincoli church" near to the Engineering faculty in Rome.

The astonishing sculpture of Moses by Michelangelo in the church of “San Pietro in vincoli”, which is next to the faculty of engineering in Rome.


Two words about me


 meMy name is Daniele Bussoletti and I live in Rome, Italy, together with my beloved wife and my two fantastic boys.

I have fallen in love with computers at 12 and my professional career has primarily been in the information technology and telecommunication sectors.

Of course I love electronic as well, but I am surely not the most skilled audio expert and a lot of people will easily overcome my knowledge in this topic. 


Though I think this has been an advantage as I had the chance of looking at the signals measurement issue in a different way, not being biased by anything to investigate this challenging field.


My greatest added value (if any) in this wonderful research has been my "insane" passion for the meticulous correctness of every data, checking and checking every partial result, and throwing it up into the air (feeling a bit sad for a while after a first moment of undeserved satisfaction) until it was 100% mathematically and physically proven that nothing wrong was left.


This challenging journey took me almost five years, which I hope have borne fruit, at last.

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